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Have you ever met someone for the first time and just click? I find it intriguing that without intention some people just get along. You can try list reasons why, common interests, core values but ultimately I don’t think  you can really describe why.

A lot of my life I felt as if I was destined to be a solo type of person, there are cool people around. The question was would I rather spend my time with them or in my own company. At the time it was the latter, and I would put this upon myself and the way ‘I was’. Introverted?

However this piece was inspired by entirely from the opposing feeling. Turns  out, you can be an introvert with friends. Relishing being with those you ‘click with’.


Recently I’ve discovered if you find yourself being alone, you just haven’t met the right people yet. And unfortunately to those who are used to living a life solo, it causes you to have to come out your shell and speak to people because you never know when you can explain to someone, I don’t know.. we just clicked.

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