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Well.. I’ve put myself in an odd position. I’ll use this space to explain the meaning and intention behind Mibraine, and what it means to me. I love arbitrary work which allows an open end for other to interpret how it speaks to them, so this is just my perspective but it’s each to their own.


My worries going into this is not being able to express what and how much it means to me. By the end of it, Mibraine became so incredibly personal and held so much importance I didn’t wanna see it go. 


Now lemme get into it. I portray how I am feeling in this piece. And what is going on in existing as a some what lonely introvert. Slowly reality begins to consume you. Its easier having your head in the clouds and making excuses for the sadness and loneliness you feel- a by-product of this trickling into overthinking. But you try your best to think positively, to cover up that lonely feeling. 


At a certain point you begin to fool yourself, smile, wanting it to go away. That only lasts so long. After 7 or 8 months it turns out it reaches.. a breaking point? A darkness that has been lurking around those seemingly normal thoughts, eventually break through revealing a sadness you tirelessly tried to tuck away. It’s like a water leaking from a pipe which suddenly bursts and overflows. You had spent all this time wanting and trying to be what I’d call is happy'. But here you are consumed by the thing(s) you were trying to fight away. 

Within Mibraine I wanted to encapsulate the feeling of that breaking point of depression, and how it feels and looks in my eyes. 


The darkness that has always been hidden within your mind has escaped and now takes over your thoughts. A key part for me are the laces, showing the sadness timidly reaching out, asking for help but doesn’t know how to.

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