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Personal Commission Request

Occasionally I may take on a private commission, although it is not common practice. If you are looking for a custom request please feel free to fill out this form. I will consider each one case by case in order to work closely on a one-on-one basis. This form will be used to get an idea of what you want in order to prioritise those that align with my personal interest to provide the best service.


If you are looking to work together drop your details below,  please keep in mind that this form is completely free. I will contact you if your request is chosen for a one-on-one consultation to discuss further.

Orders will take anywhere between 6-10 weeks to fulfil as my work is hand painted and I have a backlog of orders/projects. If you wish to receive your shoes at the sooner, I offer a £150 rush fee to prioritise your work over other projects.

Prices vary per project depending on complexity, detail, design and any extras you may want. 


If you are a brand looking to submit a request please email me at

Different outcomes are achieved by the tier selection. Saffron is where the fun begins with truly outstanding art. Bubble is reserved for more straight forward work.

Bubble, Entry tier- For those who want to add a personal touch. Designed in such a way that has you and your wallet in mind. 

Saffron, Premium service- This is for those who want the very best for the chosen design. Nothing is out of reach and no detail will be overlooked.

Do you have a Deadline? (optional) ie. Birthday, Anniversary gift

if not skip this step.

Description of what you're looking for*


Eg. a MLCKA piece with full creative freedom, Luffy from one piece, realisitc portrait of my grandmother etc.

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Your form has been submitted!

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